How to buy a car from craigslist

How to buy a car from craigslist [BEST STRATEGY]

Assumption is that most of the persons selling their cars on craigslist are private sellers. These sellers are not dealers or professional car sellers who sell their cars and who are supposed to have a proper setup or shop outside the craigslist. This is why a person have to be too much vigilant and know the tactics how to buy a car from craigslist.

Know your needs

You can find both new and used cars on craigslist that are sold by the people. However, as we said that on craigslist most of the sellers are private ones so high chances are here that you will find most of them sell old cars. Before you go for buying a car for yourself, you must know about your needs. If you are looking to buy a new car, then I would never suggest to by it from craigslist. You should find a dealer that is operating in your area and get a nice deal for you.

Before you choose a dealer, you must do thorough research on who are offering the best deals on new cars in the area. However, if you plan to buy a used car, then you may be able to get a nice car on craigslist also if you follow the instructions shared in this article.

Know the seller

Vehicle fraud is so common now a days. People steal a car, and create fake documents for it or temper it and then sell it online somewhere. Most of the time this kind of fraud is done by the private sellers. To avoid yourself from catching into a mess like this, you need to know about the sellers until he or she is a licensed dealer.

If you find a too much good deal from a private seller, you have to be careful and stay away.

Do not meet the seller alone

Always go along with one of your friends if you want to see the car sold by a private seller. Try to meet the buyer in day time and avoid to meet at night time or in places when there is darkness in the surroundings. Do not meet some one at their own home or in a closed area or building. Prefer meeting to private sellers in a public place where too many people are present near you. Try to stay together with your friend.

Ask for the details

The first and foremost thing you have to do when you meet the seller is to ask for the documents of the car. Ask the reason why the seller is selling the car. Most of the time genuine sellers have very good story to tell why they are selling their car. Try to read between the line when a seller tells about the reason he is selling the car for. If the reason is too much simple (or too much complicated) then avoid to enter the deal.

Get an inspection.

As we said there is always a reason why the seller is selling the car. One of the reasons is that the car is accidented or have been crashed into something. Accidented cars have no resale value, be aware of that. In addition to this accidented cars are very dangerous to drive. No body trust until and unless it is inspected to know whether it is fit to drive or not. If you get a nice deal and like the car sold by a private seller on craigslist, do proper inspection of the car through a professional inspecting body.

Know what the car is worth

You will find numerous people selling their cars on craigslist as well as on other online resources. But be sure you have checked car rates offered by multiple sellers to know the worth of the car. Also check from local dealers the rates of used cars. If you know in what range a specific used is sold, you will be able to have a great deal. Additionally, if you know the market rates, you will be able to spare a lot of time and money in this process.

Have a test drive

Always test drive a used car you are opting to buy on craigslist. Before you and your friend sit in the car with a strange seller, do ask for the ID of the seller. Moreover, ask for the registration card and insurance documents to be share with you. Once you receive documents, match the names and photo to insure authenticuly of all.

In addition to this make sure you are observing each and every feature of the car is in place and functioning properly. Check wheels, heater, AC, windows locks and all other essential items that are in reach of your hands and eyes.

Don’t bring cash

If you want to buy a car on craigslist, you should not bring cash in hand with you. Many private sellers merely offer their cars for sale because they are looking to find a prey who carry cash in hand. When such a seller finds that you have cash in hand, they may attack you to snatch the cash. In such an attempt neither you lose the cash but also can get harmed physically. So, always try to pay the sellers through bank check or an online transaction once the deal has been finalized and you have got the possession of the car along with all the necessary documents.

Finale Take away

Buying a car online on any platform is not that much technical thing that you should worry about. Do not be too much skeptical about buying a car from private sellers. Understand they are human beings just like you. They are in need of something the way you are. Only thing you need to keep in mind is that care is better than cure. Being careful does not mean that you are fearful of something. If you follow the aforementioned instruction about how to buy a car from craigslist, hopefully you will find a good deal and will be safe.

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