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Making a Perfect Chicken Roast

Top 10 Steps to Making a Perfect Chicken Roast

A chicken roast is one of the tastiest food you can have if you are fond of eating chicken meat. There are a number of ways to Making a Perfect Chicken Roast. There are a lot of chicken food varieties that would add value to your dining table. In this article, I will explain step by step how a chicken roast is prepared or cooked.

10. GO for Shopping

Fist of all you need to buy all the ingredients that we required for making a perfect chicken roast. Just go out to a nearby mall and buy all of the following items.

  • 1 Fresh Chicken (Quantity 900 gm or as per your need)
  • 1 Head of broccoli
  • 4 Potatoes
  • A container of fresh chicken stock
  • 4 Large carrot
  • A container of heavy cream
  • 2 Butter sticks
  • 1 bulb of garlic
  • And fresh thyme and bay leaves

09. Prepare and cut your vegetables

In the second step, you have to prepare your vegetables to make them cookable. Cut the potatoes, broccoli, and carrot into small pieces.

08. Prepare your chicken

Your chicken needs a clean wash and removal of giblets if any so that it is free from any kind of unwanted material. Washing the chicken also helps in removing the unwanted fat.

07. Spice it with Salt and Black Pepper

Take some salt and black pepper and sprinkle on the chicken. Rub the chicken with your fingers so that it could absorb salt and black pepper properly.

06. Cook the chicken in

You want an internal temperature of 160°F. Start off with 20 minutes per pound. So 80 minutes for a 4-pound chicken. Then use an instant-read thermometer to test the temperature in both the breast and thigh.

05. Remove now

Now remove the roast chicken from the pan and wrap it in an aluminum foil paper, and let it sit.

04. Place roasting pan on the hob

Place the roasting pan on the hob add the chicken stock and simmer it till all juices are absorbed and you get a slightly thick gravy.

03. Straining the Gravy

Strain the gravy into a pouring jug.

02. Serve

Serve with lemon wedges and mashed potatoes and gravy.

01. Final thought

Now that your guests have done with enjoying the roast chicken, do let us know in the comments section how they felt after eating your cooked roast chicken.

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